01/25 Tropical Leaf Pendant

$ 70.00
01/25 Tropical Leaf Pendant
Intro to Precious Metal Clay (PMC)
Tropical Leaf Pendant
Friday, January 25th, 12:30-3:30pm
$70 Includes Materials
Teacher: Kathryn St Martin
(Beginning Class)

Precious Metal Clay (also known as PMC) is a pliable material with tiny particles of silver and an organic binder in the consistency of modeling clay, and can be worked with fingers and inexpensive tools to create a vast range of shapes and designs.  When fired, the binder burns off and the metal particles fuse to create a solid metal which can be sanded, soldered, colored and polished.

This introductory course will introduce you to this new and unique medium, where you will incorporate the use of a tropical leaf and learn how to texture with it to make a organic looking pendant.